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Benefiber Fiber Supplement (190 servings)

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  • Benefiber Fiber Supplement is made of 100% natural ingredients
  • Free of taste, gluten or sugar and dissolves clear in any food or drink
  • Supports growth of good bacteria for good digestive health and an overall healthy body
  • Easy to add to your favorite drinks and foods unlike other forms of fiber

Benefiber ® Fiber Supplement is a gluten-free, taste-free and sugar-free prebiotic that dissolves clear in any food or drink. Benefiber Original is a 100% natural prebiotic fiber supplement that makes caring for one's digestive system so much easier. Because it has no taste or smell, the gluten-free fiber supplement can be added into anything. You can get creative with the supplement by baking or cooking your favorite fiber-rich foods with it. Simply add the fiber supplement to any meal or non-carbonated drink without altering its consistency, taste or smell. With all the benefits one can gain from prebiotics and the convenience of adding it on literally any food or beverage, this is arguably the best fiber supplement in the market today.



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